What's in a Name?

"Mama!!!" "Mamaaaa." "Mum." After a looooong wait (13 months, really), Lucy FINALLY says my name. *heart flutter* And she gets super excited when she learns a new word and repeats it all day and night... so I'm one happy Mama! 

She exclaims my name when she's excited to see me or remembers I'm in the room with her.

She whines my name when she is hungry or tired or just needs to be loved. 

She sweetly says my name when she wants to share something with me. 

And sometimes, my favorite... she says my name out loud just because. 

I have never experienced a greater period of reflection on Jesus than this entire past 14 months that I have been a parent. I could even venture to add the 10 months before that that I carried her in my womb because the Lord was sweetly sharing new things with me about His character even then. A tremendous amount of things Lucy does and situations parenthood naturally brings seem to remind me of the love Christ has for me. (And the PATIENCE. (; )

My heart leaps when Lucy says my name... because I know my name means something to her. "Mama" brings comfort, joy, food, familiarity, reassurance, love, home, safety & security... and hopefully one day, friend and confidant. She knows that when she says Mama, I will respond to her.

In the song Rising Sun by All Sons & Daughters, there is a line that says, "Simply to speak Your name is praise." I think now that Lucy can say my name, I understand just a fraction of how Jesus feels when I call upon His.

What a powerful truth. The Lord delights in me. And in you. He rejoices over us with joyful songs. I don't know about you, but I don't feel like singing unless I'm in a great mood! The bible is chock-full of verses that proclaim how deep and how wide His love is for His children -- us -- and How He feels about us; the very death of His only son was the greatest act of love in the history of the world. How's that for proof that He loves us? Would YOU sacrifice your only child for any person, let alone to save the world? I could sacrifice myself I think, but to offer Lucy's life... I couldn't even fathom it.

But when we take the time to even just say His name, He knows we believe, He knows our needs (even before we ask for them, see Matt. 6:7-8), and He responds... because He cares and He is a good, good Father. Like Lucy, I have exclaimed JESUS!! in moments of excitement and pure elation, whispered Jesus in moments of pain and desperation, and prayed JESUS over loved ones in authority.

What does the name of Jesus mean to you? I'd love to hear in the comments below! I encourage each of you to sit in silence and say His name out loud. It may sound like something silly to do, but when you let yourself dwell on what His name means... all the power and glory and splendor behind what He has accomplished (and is accomplishing, hello?!) because of His name... You may just find the rest, comfort, peace and hope you've been so desperately yearning for. I know for me, when I sit in the mornings and begin to pray... simply saying His name out loud makes me take a deep breath and reminds me of who I belong to -- the most powerful Name there ever was or will be.