Happy 1st Birthday, Lu

Lucy Margot,

I can hardly believe the words I'm about to say: You are ONE!


Do you know how much you are loved? Do you know how much you were prayed for, thought of, imagined -- even before you were growing in Mommy's tummy? I used to go to bed at night thinking of you, wondering if I'd ever get to meet you in real life. You were the brightest dream in my heart for so many years. I would wake up thinking about you, too. The longing I had to be your Mama ran so deep, my heart could not contain it.

And now all of a sudden, here we are... and you're a whole year old! Three hundred and sixty five days ago I became a Mama -- YOUR Mama. And for 365 days I've been your Mama. You can't even imagine how much joy you've added to my life, baby. I don't know how my heart hasn't completely burst with all the love it has for you!


A friend asked me recently what legacy I want to leave for you. It was a big question I had not taken the time to think through yet! But it didn't take long for an answer to pop in my head.

The legacy I want to leave for you is that you would grow up knowing your tremendous worth. Not by mine and Daddy's standards, not by your friends or the world's standards, but by Jesus' and what He says about who you are. Whenever you feel lost, unsure or afraid, come back to your identity in Christ; THAT is why you will always be enough, just as you are. You are a daughter of the Most High -- the King who created the stars and the universe and every wonderful aspect of life that you love so much. You are chosen. He is where you get your compassion, your creativity, your zest for life and your adventurous spirit. He is worthy to be praised! 

Photo by  Allie Marion

Photo by Allie Marion

Photo by Allie Marion

Photo by Allie Marion

You are a miracle, Lucy. Don't you ever forget how much purpose your life holds. Your name means "Light", so continue to be a lamp on a hill and you will live a life more richly than you can imagine.


Mommy loves you and I hope you always find me to be your safe place because I'll always be in your corner.